Almost all groundwater aquifers and dams are being saturated by acid wastewater from mining operations. The industries concern are running out of resources and there has yet to be valuable consideration for removal of the contaminants from its natural storage such as basins, lakes, ponds and underground aquifers.

Currently, NanoStruck Technologies Inc. is designing and building systems to recover Platinum, Gold, Silver, and other precious metals. NanoStruck Technologies Inc. first performs a detailed analysis of both solid and liquid samples to determine the most efficient design using NanoStruck Technologies Inc. proprietary technology and then builds to suit the application for clients.

Our process starts from the pond mine tailings or directly from the tailings tank. Overall expected recovery of precious metals by this process is significantly above current market recovery rates. 

NanoStruck Technologies Inc. technology is centered in the use of physio-mechanical capture and removal of toxic pollutants in the wastewater stream and re-use of treated water for irrigation, agriculture, domestic and potable drinking purposes. By-products, such as iron, sulphate, copper, silver, zinc and other precious metals like dissolved gold, platinum and palladium, if collected efficiently could be re-used for industrial purposes.

Benefits of the process:

  • Removal of toxic pollutants in the wastewater
  • Treated water able to be re-used in the system
  • Economically feasible
  • High recovery rate of precious metals
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