NanoStruck's CEO on Water Purification Technologies

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IntelRadio's Ellis Martin with NanoStruck's CEO on Water Purification Technologies

Ellis Martin: NanoStruck is run by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists committed to developing technologies for water purification especially in developing countries. Will you tell our listeners exactly how you do this?

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Bundeep Singh Ranger: There’s a lot of methods that are there for treating water today and most of them involve either very high CAPEX or a very high OPEX. They’re either expensive materials, like membranes, that are used and/or they’ll have high-pressure water systems that’ll usually will be fairly power conductive. Our method is more organic. We use a biomaterial that is derived from crustacean shells, which is really a filter that exists in nature that we’ve been able to reengineer and repurpose for human industrial deployment. What that does is it creates a non-high-pressure water system, it’s a very atmospheric level water treatment system, to run through these filters where the powders effectively acts as a sponge to pull out the contaminants. That’s the big differentiator for vis-à-vis other water remediation technologies in the market.

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